Twitterings on 2007-11-08

  • Playing with FB #
  • Eee PC worth it? Probably not, compared to the new Walmart $200 desktop. But it is portable and REALLY small.. with a flash drive.. so? #
  • Going through the rounds #
  • Catching up on Google Reader #
  • Message to Dog Chapman: You idiot! Good luck man, nice knowing you. #
  • #
  • Going out for a ride… Going to brave 44 degrees on my Scooter. 😀 #
  • Youch! 10 min ride in 44 degrees.. It’s cold! I need to add layers for sure.. anything over a 10 min ride. #
  • Bored.. playing on #
  • @matthewebel Haha! That’s funny #
  • Looking for new things to add to my facebook. #
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