Twitterings on 2008-01-02

  • A useful tattoo? – #
  • I couldn’t sit through the video, but you can read up on it – How to become a Gmail Jedi Master! – #
  • Still no snow in NJ, just some cold weather for a couple days, then back into the 40’s we go. #
  • Free book give-away – #
  • @robusdin Cool! 😉 #
  • @sybrrgeek Low as in 30’s .. lol, I’m not complaining though! @robusdin #
  • I would prefer 50+ though.. atleast then I can go for a ride, just not quite there. But there are freebies this year every now and then. #
  • @PizzaBabe – I AM NOT! lol #
  • The Drunkest Generation – #
  • An amazing motorcycle jump – Over 300 feet (like jumping over a football field) – #

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