Best of – Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Best of - Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
An amazing resource for anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop. When it comes to graphic design, Adobe Photoshop is usually the first option to consider. However, the software itself is a quite tough nut to crack — and definitely extremely hard to master. For instance, the concepts are not always intuitive and it’s not always clear ...

Microsoft – Bill Gates Announces His Retirement Plans

Bill Gates has announced his retirement plans at Microsoft. Hard to imagine Microsoft without a Bill Gates at the wheel, but this video is pretty hilarious! Video: Bill Gates Last Day CES Clip Share this:ShareGoogleTwitterFacebookTumblrPocketPinterestStumbleUponRedditLinkedInEmail

Guitar being played with 4 hands

Rondo All Turka: Turkish March Here’s a great tune being played on a single guitar with 2 musicians. Share this:ShareGoogleTwitterFacebookTumblrPocketPinterestStumbleUponRedditLinkedInEmail

Jott It!

Yesterday I wrote a post that went into how great Jott was in combination with Xpenser. Today, I will tell you why Jott is one of those “gotta have it” tools on the web and the best part about this is, that it’s all free! Jott™ is a revolutionary new service that automatically converts your ...

Xpenser – Track your expenses!

Xpenser - Track your expenses!
Xpenser is a super easy way to keep track of your expenses. I have found it very useful in keeping track of my daily business expenses and catching up either at the end of the day or week. We were fed up with how painful expense reports and tracking were. After many experiments we found ...

Songza – Search engine for Music

Songza - Search engine for Music
Songza is a fantastic service that I discovered only yesterday. Not sure how I missed this one, but if you aren’t quite satisfied with the new rules placed on Pandora or, then you will really like this! Songza is the brainchild of 23-year-old Aza Raskin — the president of Chicago-based software company Humanized, Inc., ...

Using Flock 1.0 – So far, so good!

Using Flock 1.0 - So far, so good!
I’ve been trying Flock out for the last couple of weeks and I want to give in my 2 cents on it, maybe it will shed some light on it for you. So far, it’s been pretty stable for me, I like the fact that I have an overview of all my social services on ...

Just an entertaining link.

Click here: And wait about 10 secs.. (or until something happens). You won’t be disappointed! It was brought to my attention by Chris Pirillo, thanks! Share this:ShareGoogleTwitterFacebookTumblrPocketPinterestStumbleUponRedditLinkedInEmail

Skype 2.0 Beta for Linux – Now with Video!

Skype’s new release for Linux includes video chat! It’s nice to see strong development on Skype for Linux as Linux is becoming more of a mainstream OS than ever before. I don’t use the video option that much myself, but it’s good to have the feature if I need it. This release is not just ...

Eee PC: Enable a full desktop!

Eee PC: Enable a full desktop!
Have you heard about the new Eee PC yet? It’s this nifty little portable computer with a flash drive that is smaller than most hardcover books. Currently runs for about $400 here, but there will be cheaper versions available soon. Anyway, one of the things that make this little pc so great, is that it ...