NEW Internet Explorer Exploit

Here we go again folks, same shit different day. What else is new, oh nothing, just another Internet Explorer exploit.
Want a fix? Click on the firefox button on the right side and download a real browser.

This one is VERY VERY Bad Phiser’s are using it already! Digg This so Others can do the Test, Click on the Link and go to the “Start Test” link on the page

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Organs grown from own cells

An amazing article that shows how far scientists have gone into reproducing organs. Some of which may be blood vessels and Hearts!

It would seem that doctors have perfected the technique to make organs from cells other then stem cells. Patients with spina bifida have had organs grown from their own tissue, in this case new bladders.

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Download full version of WinBackup 1.86 for free

Impressive software for everyday use. I made sure to download it and tend to those much needed backups on my other drive.
Can’t beat free! 🙂

The award-winning WinBackup 1.86 remains the obvious choice for home users and small and medium sized businesses alike. As one of the most efficient and reliable backup solutions available, WinBackup 1.86 guarantees 100% accuracy of restores.

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Wrestling Robots!

An interesting Robot Wrestling event with different robots. How long before we’ve got some similar robots running around doing errands for us? Can’t be too long now!