What is Podcasting?

I get questions from people that ask, “What is podcasting?”.
So here’s my best explanation.

Podcasting is a show you can take with you on your MP3 player.

Who makes podcasts? Lots of people, not necessarily in showbiz.. Kind of like reality TV, but uncensored. Some are about certain topics, they also have something called Vidcasting, where people share their home videos with you.
But what makes this all different from normal video/audio posted on the internet is this; You can subscribe to it!
It’s like watching a weekly show on a certain channel, you know what channel it’s on, and you’ve got lots of free tools online to actually SUBSCRIBE to them, much like blogs and news aggregators.

So in the end, you get to listen to, or watch what you like, when you want, on your mp3 player/Computer/on thier site.

It’s tomorrow’s entertainment! today.

Here’s a great explanation.

Or you can just check this out for more details:

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