Dog Training Video – Wow!

I haven’t seen any training quite like this before. Dogs pulling people out of moving vehicles, jumping cars to tackle criminals, and dogs tag teaming a hostage taker..

Dog training on another level. Very cool, must see!
Now, if I can only train my dog to fetch a beer when I want it with the same motivation. lol

House sold for hundreds of thousands and owner not aware!

Paul Reviczky in Canada had his home sold out from under him in a fraud scam that may ultimately cost him his home. Police think that Paul’s most recent tenants forged his name on some documents claiming to be his grandson and sold the property for $450,000.
On May 15th the house was sold to someone who took out a mortage of $337,500. Paul never saw a penny and may utlimately lose his house because of some Ontario law.

Hope things work out for Paul soon!

“I did not get the proceeds,” Reviczky says.

Reviczky’s lawyer, Tonu Toome, says it was “very painful” to have to break the news to Reviczky that he may lose his house forever — even though he was an innocent victim of fraud — because Ontario law recognizes the transaction as valid where the purchaser is unaware of the scam.

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