Don’t tell my mom it’s a Penis Pump!

Funny story I read today. A guy is in line at the airport, security notices something on the screen that looks suspicious. But before admitting to security that it’s a penis pump in front of his mother (standing next to him), he blurted out that it was a bomb!

Wrong phrase at the wrong time might of bought this guy 3 years in prison.

Amin eventually told investigators he’d lied about the object’s true use because his mother was standing nearby when the object was discovered and he didn’t want her to know about it

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Dog Chapman – Bounty Hunter

Have you seen the show yet? If not, check out the Bounty Hunter’s website.

Anyway, there’s a report that says Dog is facing a California suit filed by Simiale “Cisco” Lutu who claims that (on one of the last shows) he was wrongly accused of being the bail jumper.

The lawsuit says the following day Daly City police, who were working with Chapman, handcuffed Lutu and held him at gunpoint at a health club. The lawsuit charges that Lutu was later handcuffed and held at gunpoint again by Daly City officers in a second incident.

Hey, I watched the show, didn’t look like anything was worth suing over. Sounds to me like he’s suing the wrong guy.
He looked like he was wanting some action anyway, guess he didn’t like it after he got it. Oh well.

Dog - The Bounty Hunter

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