AT&T decides to bring broadband call center back to us!

AT&T being one of the first to take steps to bringing it back home. Let’s see if others will follow suit after hearing the applause from AT&T customers.

AT&T will be returning approximately 2,000 call center jobs to the US, as the company has decided to shutter an Indian call center that handles tech support calls for the telecom’s broadband service. AT&T cited cost as the primary reason for bringing the jobs back to the US, saying that an agreement with the Communications Workers of America on salary and benefits make having the call center employees on its staff feasible.

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Leo Laporte wants the new term “Netcast” to be used.

Leo Leporte, king of all podcasters ;-), is proposing podcasters (or should I say, netcasters) to start using the term Netcast. In recent light of Apple’s trademark claims, I agree completely with Leo’s idea of taking things into our own hands. An internet broadcast defined as a Netcast.

Besides, it better describes what the hell a podcast is anyway.

Truth is, I’ve never liked the word podcast. It causes confusion. In the past couple of days two people have told me that they can’t listen to my shows because they “don’t own an iPod.” I have to explain constantly that podcasts can be listened to on computers, phones, MP3 players, and CDs, as well as iPods, but because of the name the confusion persists. And now Apple is threatening people who use the word.

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Duane Dog Chapman says that the Feds sold him out!

WTF is this Bullshit?
Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) was arrested last week by U.S. marshals in relation to his 2003 capture of a rapist in Mexico.
Problem with that is, bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico (Funny). U.S. marshals, so far, claim that there’s no relation to the scum bag being transferred into custody last week from Mexico. That it was just some bizarre coincidence that it just happened 2 days before Dog was arrested. lol, yah, right, assholes.

Chapman, who is out on $300,000 bail, said on yesterday’s “Today” show that if he goes to prison in Mexico, he will be killed by inmates avenging the thousands of fleeing felons he’s brought to justice.

“I won’t last two days,” he said.

Nice to see the american government continuing to fight for whats right and fair.

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Dog the Bounty hunter