Portable apps? Do one better with MojoPac!

I’ve played around with portable apps! Any geek in their rightful mind loves the idea of carrying portable apps like Firefox Portable, NVU Portable, Abiword Portable, etc.. and the list goes on.
But MojoPac seems to do all that even better! Easy installation into your USB drive, iPod or portable usb hard drive, it loads like a windows installation and you have all your favorite apps right there, including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Firefox w/all your bookmarks, My Documents, Instant Messengers and even GAMES!!
All this can run as a virtual machine alongside the host computer’s applications when plugged in, and when you’re done, no footprint left behind.

Very cool indeed, first I’ve heard of it but I’m sure it’s been around for a bit.

MojoPac can turn any USB 2.0 compliant portable storage device, including your iPod, or your USB flash or hard drives, into your Personal Computer – your MojoPac PC.

I know a few people who can use this, including myself!
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Portable Apps Fan
15 years ago

Except for a few minor issues:
1. Mojopac requires admin rights… so you can forget about using at at a library, net cafe, most offices, etc
2. It only works with corporate licenses of software… so if you bought an individual copy of Photoshop… you can’t install it.