AVG Anti-Virus FREE 7.5 Released

Actually read this yesterday. AVG has released their 7.5 version of some really good Anti-Virus software. If you’re a window’s (Linux too!) user in need of a good program, I would suggest picking this up.
AVG does a great job baby-sitting the system and also scans emails!

GRISOFT is announcing a new version of the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. This new 7.5 version with improved performance and full compatibility with the latest Windows Vista version will be available very soon. Users that are using AVG Free 7.1 will be provided with a specific dialog, within the next few weeks, with the opportunity to choose the right option fulfilling their needs. AVG Free 7.1 version will be discontinued on 15th of Jan 2007.

AVG Anti-Virus FREE
Pick up your free AVG here

Short Review from where I sit:

I use it, works exactly how I want it to. In a WinXP environment, it stays in the task bar and works in the background using little resources barely noticeable.
You can set its schedule as to when you want it to scan your machine (if at all) and what times are best to update (daily for free).
I’ve seen it in action with catching email viruses and when browsing with a pop-up warning of virus detection when on questionable sites. Works with email clients like Outlook, outlook express and a few others I believe.

In my opinion it does exactly what you want it to do, stays out of your way and gets the job done. I’ve used it for a number of years without a problem.

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15 years ago

You couldn’t write a short review of AVG too?