Ubuntu 6.10 Released!

Looks like Ubuntu just released their 6.10 release (Edgy Eft) today.
If you’re like me and already running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, then upgrading is the way to go.

If you want to upgrade from 6.06 LTS to 6.10, run the following command (either via ALT-F2 or a terminal):

gksu “update-manager -c”

The “-c” switch instructs Update Manager to look for upgrades at all. By default the 6.06 LTS release will not offer that automatically because of its long support cycle and high stability.

If you have a working network connection, it should then inform you about a new release and offer to upgrade your system.

Or you have other options as well here.

Some of the new features in the release include:

  • A new Startup Screen
  • Gnome 2.16 (Latest Release)
  • Gaim 2.0 beta 3.1 (Looking forward to using it)
  • A New Theme which includes some rounded window borders.
  • Orca
  • Proactive security features, preventing many common security vulnerabilities even before they are discovered – My Favorite
  • Lots more upgraded software including Firefox 2.0 and more!

Read more about Ubuntu

I’ve run the upgrade as mentioned above, and the results:
Upgrade was semi-successful, the only thing I had a problem with was re-establishing my wireless connection which always seems trivial for some reason. Otherwise it was rather painless. The whole thing took about 2-3 hours to download and install the upgrade.

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