So which is the fastest browser of all?

There seems to be many claims as to which browser is the fastest. I myself play around with 3 operating systems and browsers act differently depending on what you’re using. Today I found a very complete comparison of browsers and speed tests that actually show some interesting results complete with charts!

In order to test each browser’s speed response, I put them through a number of tests. Each test has a careful set of rules to make sure that I give unbiased results. Each set of tests are grouped by platform, and for each platform, I use just one computer to ensure that the tests compare just the browsers, and not the hardware or software they run on. Each test is done with a default browser install, without tweaking any settings (I know that many browsers perform slightly better if you tweak their network settings, but this is intended to be a test of a standard browser install – some people also suggest that using a native skin makes a browser faster, but I got virtually identical results with native and non-native skins). With Browsers that also offer email or news features, I enabled these clients, but did not have any email or news items in them (some of them may perform differently if they did, but that is not what I was trying to test).

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