Top 10 FREE Linux Games out there!

If your a linux user (or not), you may or may not know what games are available for it. Found this great Top 10 list of free games available for the linux platform.

So how does a game make this top 10 list? Well, from 10 – 1, they have all been listed according to how many votes the game received. Though there were around 50 games total that were brought up in forum posts, most only had a single vote. Even our #10 had only four votes, so it’s obvious that the top games are there for a reason. In order to qualify for the list, the game had to meet these requirements:

  • Has to be 100% free… no strings attached.
  • Cannot require wine to run.
  • Open Source not a requirement.
  • Installation must be painless.
  • Cannot be an add-on to a commercial game.

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