Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Release Dates announced

UbuntuNow with the recent release of Edgy here and gone, there’s new word on the next Ubuntu release – Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.
Feisty will go through a normal 6 month development from November 2006 to April 2007.

Comments by Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu-Devel mailing list mention that Feisty is going to be a release that will surpass all previous developments. For one, it will be more focused on features such as multimedia enablement and desktop effects along with compatibility.

Shuttleworth said

“the main themes for development in this release will be improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end server market, and an aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies.”Ubuntu’s Feisty release will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects. We expect this to be a very gratifying release for both users and developers”.
“Edgy has been a wild ride, with some remarkable achievements (nothing like re-inventing and substantially improving on init!). Feisty will be a little more focused on features that are very visible to end-users,”

Here’s the line up on the dates:

December 2006
Dec 21st – Debian Import Freeze

February 2007
Feb 8th – Upstream Version Freeze, Feature Freeze

March 2007
March 8th – String Freeze
March 9th – Beta Freeze
March 22nd – Beta Release

April 2007
April 5th – Non-Language Pack Translation Deadline, Kernel Freeze
April 12th – Release Candidate, Language Pack Translation Deadline
April 19th – Final Release

Looking forward to that release, it should be very much geared towards being more user friendly right out of the box.

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