Holiday Gift Guide for him and her!

Engadget has put together a great holiday gift guide for him and her. Some gifts I haven’t thought of, so who knows, you may just find the perfect gadget for your loved one!

For Her:

The Ex knife holder – You’re all hers now, why not encourage some of that brooding resentment towards the exes that came before you. As far as we know the Ex knife holder isn’t imbued with any voodoo powers, but in the off chance you should become an ex too, make sure you un-gift this one.
~$60 – Shop for the Ex knife holder

For Him

Palm Treo 680 – Colorful, functional, and cheap: if your guy is stuck in the 90’s with a Handspring Visor and cellphone module, now is the time to bring his efforts at convergence into the 21st century. The 680 delivers a color screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and compatibility with thousands of programs. And as the least expensive Treo to date, it won’t break the bank.
$449 ($199 with two-year contract) – Buy from Cingular

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