Falls 16 stories and lives to tell the tale

An amazing story of a Minneapolis man somehow falling out a 16 floor window and surviving with only a broken leg. The 29-year-old man was apparently horsing around with his pals when he ended up crashing through a double-paned window with safety bar in front of it and landing on a roof overhang.

When rescue crews arrived, firefighters had to first extricate Hanson from the awning and metal grating while paramedics worked to stabilize him, said Assistant Fire Chief Ulie Seal. Hanson was conscious and communicating as he was taken off the overhang, according to the police report.

Have another drink!

Read more about a flying drunk in Minneapolis

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15 years ago

You’re opinion is very strong on this, do you think this was just due to the drinking. I have stayed in many hotels coast to coast in this country and I couldn’t count the times I have seen people running down halls and goofing around. Mainly people are in hotels because they are on vacation, they’re attending a wedding or basically they are there to have fun. This hotel in particular was hosting a dart tournament, where they were serving a large amount of alcohol. Sober or intoxicated it was an accident, it should have never happened. Yes maybe he shouldn’t have been running down the hall, but who’s to say that two people couldn’t have been horsing around and fell into the glass, myself I would like to feel comfortable to know myself or any other member of my family would not go crashing to the ground seeing their life flash before their eyes. Shouldn’t we be able to feel that security? If not then why do they need a ceiling to floor window? Is looks better than safety? Besides the matter this man was 29 yrs old, well above the legal drinking age of 21. I believe that’s irrelavant to the situation. He’s alive and we should all be very grateful for that. I don’t think we should pin everything on the alcohol. Let’s pray for him and his family and friends. Get well soon!