Global warming is here!

Wake up people! This seems to be a big problem needing some attention. Global warming is happening now and scientists see doom coming very soon. What can you do?

A draft copy of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, obtained by The Observer, shows the frequency of devastating storms – like the ones that battered Britain last week – will increase dramatically. Sea levels will rise over the century by around half a metre; snow will disappear from all but the highest mountains; deserts will spread; oceans become acidic, leading to the destruction of coral reefs and atolls; and deadly heatwaves will become more prevalent.

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Falls 16 stories and lives to tell the tale

An amazing story of a Minneapolis man somehow falling out a 16 floor window and surviving with only a broken leg. The 29-year-old man was apparently horsing around with his pals when he ended up crashing through a double-paned window with safety bar in front of it and landing on a roof overhang.

When rescue crews arrived, firefighters had to first extricate Hanson from the awning and metal grating while paramedics worked to stabilize him, said Assistant Fire Chief Ulie Seal. Hanson was conscious and communicating as he was taken off the overhang, according to the police report.

Have another drink!

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Homeless people get thier property destroyed by police in St. Petersburg, Florida

I have to say this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen this week. Apparently they (Florida government officials) haven’t found a better solution to their homeless problem other than using box cutters to destroy the only home these people have in Florida.

Was this really necessary? You be the judge.

St. Pete’s battle against homeless video

Tarzana? Half-animal woman found in Cambodian Jungle!

First thing I thought.. yeah right. After reading about the once 8 year old girl lost and found 19 years later, makes me want to see a video.
A documentary later down the road would be great. Would be interesting to see how the woman behaves in her new environment along with her story once she learns how to talk again.
Is an amazing story if true. Time will tell.

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