Geek Squad plants cam in shower and gets caught!

Best Buy and Geek Squad are being sued because of a technician (Hao Kuo Chi) who was making a house call to do some computer work. Apparently the tech conveniently left his cell phone in the bathroom, video recording, just before one of the home’s occupants went in to take a shower.

Not too long after the woman finished drying herself off she noticed a phone with the little red blinking light there, called in her sister who did her own little tech work on the phone to remove the memory card, went to the phone store, watched herself naked in the shower… To make a longer story short, the two sisters called Mom at home and told her to stall the tech as police arrived and arrested the Geek Squad employee.

A big “Thank You” goes out to the useless GeekSquad whom managed to put out a good name for all the real technicians out in the world not looking to rip off and video innocent clueless people.

Watch the video of Geek Squad victim:

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