Thunderbird 2 RC1 released

Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 released yesterday!
I use it on my laptop and the improvements include easy account setup for Gmail and .Mac accounts, smoother looking interface, tags (like gmail labels), new and improved search, support for Vista and more!
I like the new interface and it was practically a one click setup for my Gmail account. Here is what’s new in Thunderbird 2.
Thunderbird 2
Best part about it is it’s free! Download Thunderbird 2!

Crocodile with arm in mouth – Yummy!

A few days ago I read about a Veterinarian Chang Po-yu who was reaching through iron bars to remove tranquilizer darts from a huge (400 lbs) crocodile, which was not exactly snoozing, when the crocodile bit down and took the guy’s arm off.
I think this will make anyone who currently treats these dangerous beasts think twice before sticking thier arm anywhere.

From the pics shown, it looked like the croc got the better half below his elbow. Pretty gruesome, you are warned!

arm in crocodiles mouth

Take a look at a crocodile with an arm in its mouth

Current photo from

Five GOOD Reasons to turn down a potential client

Tyler Lemieux explains some of the complications that comes with the business of web design. Knowing where to put on the brakes when the client tries to spin things around on you is important, because it can cost you in the end.
I enjoyed the article, as I’ve run into some of the same situations.

I’ve been through my fair share of clients, well over a hundred successful transactions in the past two years for that matter, and I’ve come to know when a project is worth taking on or not. As a freelance designer, I know that time was of utmost importance. Knowing when to drop a potential project can mean hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars, not to mention precious time.

Five Reasons to turn down a potential client

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are domestic terrorists…

Don’t take my word for it. Jason Whitlock speaks to CNN about his feelings on the whole Imus issue. You can another video on CNN with Jason Whitlock and Al Sharpton, but you’ll have to search for it there.
There’s also some more comments from Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee defending Imus that you may find interesting.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are domestic terrorists lighting fires and picking everyone’s pocket on the way out of town. Jackson should be down at Duke apologizing to those lacrosse players – he owes them an apology for stirring up that mess. Black America is tired of Jackson.

I personally am not an Imus fan, but I do feel this guy has been strung up by the lynch mob.
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