Microsoft’s new toy – Surface

Microsoft launches their newest innovation called Surface. It’s their first surface computer providing interaction with digital content using hand gestures, touching and physical objects.

There are some more video examples on the use of it on Microsoft website, really cool stuff, although I think its target right now are commercial applications.

Microsoft launches Surface

Free alternatives to Quicken and MS Money

I have been looking for alternative financial tools to use and have run across this today. I found some tools I haven’t seen before and wanted to share it.
A couple web based and some software applications. My experience hasn’t been great with one or two of the listed alternatives, but I did find some new ones that seem interesting and worth trying out, maybe you will too!


Check out 6 great alternatives to Quicken and Money

100 Best Products of 2007 by PC World

PC World put together a fantastic list of 100 products together that you will surely agree with, well mostly. A really nice selection of software and hardware that has made up this year so far.

Lots of my favorite tools are listed, including most Google apps, hardware like the 80GB iPod, and sites like Digg and Craigslist!

Our editors rank the best PCs, HDTVs, components, sites, and services. Plus: the products we’re looking forward to next year, and which technologies are rising and falling.

Check out PC World’s full list of the 100 Best Products of 2007

Never gonna give…

Major lack of updates lately, I’ve been busy and well, you know how that goes. But no worries, I won’t give you up! lol

Not sure how some of you are prepping up for this summer’s gas hike. But with $4 a gallon around the corner, I just equipped myself with a couple of Kymco scooters. (his-People 250 / hers- Bet and Win 250) My wife and I are extremely excited about scootering around this summer! More details about my experiences with the scooters in the future.