Get a temporary phone number!

We’ve all heard about disposable e-mails, cameras, and contact lenses. But have you heard about the recent service that’s providing disposable phone numbers? is providing temporary phone numbers, local to many areas, that give you the opportunity to pass out your number for timed events, such as a craigslist listing or any other type of classified ad.
You can set the number to expire in either an hour, a day, a week or a month. They provide the means to manage your number also so you can change the forwarding, email or features that the number comes with. It does provide some nice features including call screening, voicemail (emailed), history and you can even add another call forwarding number incase the first one is unanswered. More of Numbr features.

numbr is an auto-expiring, FREE anonymous phone number that forwards incoming call to
your home or mobile phone. Callers do not see your home or mobile numbers.

They also provide some extra site code for your ad or website.

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13 years ago

free, safe, easy…did I mention free? 🙂

Josh Bettin
13 years ago

In addition to Numbr, I know that Safercalls offers a paid service, except they have a few more advanced features and give you a local personal telephone number that is dedicated to you. You log into your account online and manage it or by phone.

14 years ago

Wow, this pretty darn handy! I miss you at the forum.

Great blog theme!