Twitterings on 2007-11-14

  • Another story on why not to let your preteen – early teen get on MySpace. – #
  • Just got in.. This fog was worse earlier.. Sun should burn some off the next couple hours. #
  • @lynetteradio Did the big TV thing until the 5th tech repair for it.. then just got rid of it. #
  • I’m starting to wonder if the big bank that starts with a "C" (open 7 days a week) is worth keeping. Lots of problems with them lately. #
  • Caught up on email.. finally. #
  • @robusdin: Might actually be an improvement. He still sponsors festivals in Sayreville (including this past summer) #
  • @sybrrgeek: Wifi!! Nice! Major company or local shop? #
  • Now, if only all public waiting areas of all businesses had wifi. Soon maybe? #
  • @sybrrgeek: I’m feeling a bit deprived. Although the only wifi I’ve noticed in the area is McDonald’s .. lol – I’m sure there’s more. 😉 #
  • Miro released – #
  • Puzzling #
  • Something better than Pandora, it’s called Songza – #
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