Twitterings on 2007-12-18

  • @sybrrgeek I agree, it just feels like audio is being phased out for some reason, when it really isn’t going anywhere. #
  • Lifehacker’s 2007 Guide to free software and webapps – #
  • Personas for Firefox – cool lightweight themes for your browser – #
  • Listening to music shows for new selections. #
  • Too funny, Super Celeb-o-Matic #

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Twitterings on 2007-12-17

  • Video being perceived as the next big thing is a farce. Audio can be more entertaining and convenient in different circumstances. #
  • Audio has been around longer and still is a bigger hit. 😉 #
  • Dan Fogelberg dies – #
  • Just got home and the kids are doing homework. Explaining to one why Google docs can be just as useful as Word. #

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Judge Judy with an Ebay Scammer!

This girl deserves a standing ovation! What an idiot!

Apparently this woman (the blonde in the video) scammed 2 people into thinking they were buying 2 cell phones and received 2 photos of cell phones instead. Then the scammer opts to go on Judge Judy!
Beware of eBay scammers!

Twitterings on 2007-12-15

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