Comcast kicks victims in the groin with it’s new bandwidth cap policy!

After reading this article, I find it quite disturbing that this may be the direction broadband companies may go. Or maybe it’s just Comcast getting ready to bend over and take some backlash because of this.

[Edit: Some disagree with my opinion above. To reiterate, I believe that internet access is a right, and an essential utility that’s needed in today’s life. That’s not supported in any legal definition in the US (though Finland recently made it a point of law, and the United Nations believes broadband access is a basic human right), but I do believe that most people would intuitively agree. Put another way, internet access long ago passed the stage of “new tech that’s interesting” to “something everyone uses and assumes you have”. Hence my electricity and water points – I believe internet falls in the same vein, and also think the current battles/discussions over the ability to control the internet are emblematic of that.]

Personally, I would be going crazy if this happened to me! This just isn’t acceptable by any standards. This needs to change.

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