I’ve talked to my wife since acquiring the scamp that we needed to name it.  We’ve been to a few locations already and nothing seem to ‘fit’ when I would just throw out a name or two.

"Miss Bliss" 2011 Scamp trailer

“Miss Bliss” 2011 Scamp trailer

This post is more about making sure there is a recording as to the date we decided to call our little camper “Miss Bliss”.  The name for her seems to fit just right.  I now feel a small sense of relief naming the trailer finally, I know it seems silly, but it’s now got a name. 🙂

We’re looking for some end of summer relief this coming week with a local outing, just haven’t decided where yet, more on that later.  Fall is just around the corner and I’m anxious to see that weather come sooner than later.