About Pete

Hi! My name is Pete.
I’ve been twiddling with computers since I was 9 (I’m 36 43 now). I discovered my first BBS when I was 11, and created my own when I was 13. I was the “go to guy” when it came to computers. Even more so when it started to become a bit more popular (Windows 3.1).

This is my blog, my way. There’s a bit of everything in it, most of which I find interesting one way or another.

I used to keep my eye on gadgets, technology, software, site scripts, web site designs, templates, wordpress themes, wordpress in general, along with a whole barrage of other things we find here on the internet.  Hence alot of history on this blog stems from that.  Now I’m more focused on outdoor activities and everyday life.  I want to travel more with my wife and german shepherd and this blog is starting to reflect that.  At some point I will succeed in finding the right RV or travel trailer to start traveling, but until then, this is my journal/blog.

My blog site changes from time to time.. from how I post, to how it looks, to the topics I decide to delve on.
So if you like a little bit of this and that, then you’ll have a great time reading here. 🙂

I’ve experimented with different advertisement systems and I really don’t like them.  I do provide referral links to amazon products I currently own or have experience with.

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