Dolphins are smart!

I always knew dolphins were smart! I posted a while ago a similar story (one of many listed in the current article) about the intelligence of dolphins. It truly amazes me reading the observations made by the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi and hearing about
Kelly (the business minded dolphin) along with other amazing things.

On a beautiful day in 1997, researchers working at Pereirinha beach, off the southern coast of Brazil, observed a little dog going into the sea and swimming towards the dolphins. To their surprise, the dolphins approached the dog and then started throwing it into the air. The dog seemed to enjoy the ‘game’ and continued playing with the dolphins for more than an hour. From then on, different dogs were seen trying to interact with the dolphins.

Dolphins are smart!

Read how smart these dolphins really are!

Never gonna give…

Major lack of updates lately, I’ve been busy and well, you know how that goes. But no worries, I won’t give you up! lol

Not sure how some of you are prepping up for this summer’s gas hike. But with $4 a gallon around the corner, I just equipped myself with a couple of Kymco scooters. (his-People 250 / hers- Bet and Win 250) My wife and I are extremely excited about scootering around this summer! More details about my experiences with the scooters in the future.