Twitter is yesterday’s news.. as Jaiku moves in!

Ok, did the Twitter thing, and after Leo’s little announcement about going to Jaiku, I’m there! (Cause it was soo.. like.. last week, ya know?) Been checking things out, and I like the interface alot more than than Twitter, but the apps are missing. Need more desktop apps for Jaiku!

I just joined and I’m hooked. It doesn’t matter that I was somewhat hooked to Twitter, because I just moved my addiction over to Jaiku with minimal effort. Same hook, no strings.

So out with the old, in with the new! Do you Jaiku? I do, as you can tell from the new badge on the sidebar there, so feel free to add me!

Join Jaiku

Happy Easter! 🙂

A great list of 101 Shareware and Freeware programs for everyone!

And I’m back after enjoying a beautiful day of weather yesterday! Coming back I did find a fantastic list of applications that I wanted to share.

Lots of the programs in this list are ones I already use, but I did find quite a few that I’ve now added after reading this great list of free apps.
There are about 5 or 6 programs listed per topic. And some of the listed programs also have different OS versions (Linux/Mac).
Couple applications that I do use aren’t on the list, I’m a big fan of Google Talk and Skype for voip service ($30 a year and I get unlimited calling!).

Topics covered:

Audio | Browsers | Compression | Desktop Enhancements | Download/Upload Clients | E-Mail Tools | FAX and Telephony | Graphics & Photo | Internet (Surfing) | iPod Tools | MySQL Database Tools | Networking | Office Productivity | Personal Finance | Programmers | Security | System Utilities | Tweaks | Web Authors/Owners

101 Shareware and Freeware Programs Every Nerd Needs | The Free Geek

Spring cleaning around Pete’s Blog

I decided to change some thing around the site. Mainly started adding more categories to the stories, I think it’s about time I extend thatPetes Blog selection from the norm.
Also since I’ve given up on the google ads, it makes me feel better to throw up some banners to reflect what I do enjoy using and places I visit. These banners shown on the homepage include some free applications (Skype and Firefox) that millions of people already use, also some great resources (WTF).
I’ve managed to have them rotate randomly, so they all get equal time. 😀

Expect more in the rotation, I’m sure I’ll run into more things to put up.

Help your parents with easy computing!

Parents need computers too! John over at CrunchGear puts together a great article that explains what he did to help his parents and grandparents get up to date with a Skype account, an iChat/AIM account, a GMail address and more!

This is something I’ve been thinking about for my own mother who hasn’t touched one.. ever!

Read about helping your parents get online today!