New WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress theme generator seems to be hitting the main channels today. This new tool enables anyone to create a wordpress theme on the fly (within minutes) with customized options like colors and such.
It makes it really easy to pick out your favorite colors and see the theme change in real time. It claims that you’ll be able to whip out a new theme without any experience in HTML, PHP, CSS, etc…
So when you are done with your masterpiece, just click download and it’s all yours.

This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.
Change the colors, settings, layout, preview live, click “save” and download your unique WordPress theme zip-file. Extract, upload, set, and you are done!

I haven’t used it, but it looks like it gets the job done quite well! Mark also makes some valid points about past generators phasing out.

Check out the new WordPress Theme Generator


Google Personalized homepage now has themes!

Google just added 6 themes to the personalized homepage!Google Personalized
Looking forward to seeing more of them, but I really like the subtle themes they have available! All themes available are dynamic! They change with the time of day and weather in your area. Really cool!

Today we’re releasing six themes for the personalized homepage that try to solve these challenges: a city, a teahouse (super cute — this one is my favorite), a winter scene, a sky, a beach and a bus stop. All of our themes are dynamic: they change with your own local time of day, current weather conditions or season. If you add the beach theme, for example (changes with time of day), it will ask you for your Zip code and adjust itself to match your local sunrise and sunset times. So if you happen to be stuck in a windowless office, you can at least crack open a cold one and watch the sun set over your desktop.

Read more about it at Google’s Blog

WordPress is sporting a new Plugins directory!

WordPress has added some great functionality to their new plugins directory, including a ratings system, comments, and more! Developers also have a new set of rules for compatibility and some great features as well.Wordpress
It looks a lot cleaner featuring the new plugins submitted along with the most popular downloads and Recently updated plugins.

I’ve said this plenty of times already, but you really can’t beat a wordpress blog. It’s truly a great tool for blogging AND other site applications.

Read more about WordPress’s new Plugin Directory

How to make your blog more visible.

Darren has put together a project that will help us little blogs get the word out. What he’s doing is sharing his techniques of promotion, site stats and supplying a how-to of the best and creative ways to get your blog out there.
I’ll definitely be following along as I know I can use some help. 😀

For this project to work I need bloggers to participate by leaving comments and sharing their experiences. There’s no hidden agenda, I don’t have a book to promote or service to sell – I’m just a normal blogger trying to earn an income from blogging.

An example of one of the techniques used, How to promote your blog to video sites like YouTube.

Read how to improve your blog traffic