New Stuff Released today!

I’ve spotted several new offerings today, most of which is a one day thing. Today only!
Google Tisp
First off, Google is now offering free broadband! Also a new product from Google – Gmail Paper! Don’t like the internet? Have Gmail mail you the email!

Also ThinkGeek has a list of some great stuff that includes The Lonely Guy Dream Vacation Digital Photo Frame and the popular Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter.

And if you like that, you’ll love this list of other April Fools sites running gags today.

Google Personalized homepage now has themes!

Google just added 6 themes to the personalized homepage!Google Personalized
Looking forward to seeing more of them, but I really like the subtle themes they have available! All themes available are dynamic! They change with the time of day and weather in your area. Really cool!

Today we’re releasing six themes for the personalized homepage that try to solve these challenges: a city, a teahouse (super cute — this one is my favorite), a winter scene, a sky, a beach and a bus stop. All of our themes are dynamic: they change with your own local time of day, current weather conditions or season. If you add the beach theme, for example (changes with time of day), it will ask you for your Zip code and adjust itself to match your local sunrise and sunset times. So if you happen to be stuck in a windowless office, you can at least crack open a cold one and watch the sun set over your desktop.

Read more about it at Google’s Blog

Google taking extra steps towards privacy!

Google St. Patty’s
I’ve been a big fan of Google for quite some time. Seeing them improving their privacy practices makes me feel a lot better. It’s nice to know that they won’t be holding all that information after a certain amount of time.

Google will continue to keep their server logs, but they are going to remove key data from the logs that will identify individual users making it anonymous after 18-24 months.

Nice to see they are on the right track with this.

Our engineers are already busy working out the technical details, and we hope to implement this new data policy over the coming months (and within a year’s time). We’ll communicate more as we work out these details, but for now, we wanted you to know that we’re working on this additional step to strengthen your privacy.

Read more about Google’s new privacy practices