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Keeping track of my dog in the dark while camping

I wanted to share a short post about something I thought was really helpful.  I ran into a problem while camping during the fall last year. My black german shepherd was nearly impossible to see if he wasn’t semi-near the fire we had going. He would play or wander off while we talk and it would occasionally freak me out when I couldn’t see him.  I didn’t want to leash him when he usually just hangs around anyway and nobody else around for miles.

Dante (our black german shepherd) posing with his clip on light.

Dante (our black german shepherd) posing with his clip on light.

After some research I purchased a Clip-on LED Light by Nite Ize and it works great!  I just turn it on when it gets dark and I can clearly see where he’s at in the pitch black woods.  It’s bright and changes to random colors while on.  It’s not oversized and doesn’t interfere with his activities of running, ball fetching, drinking or eating.  I’ve used it for a couple seasons now and Dante always has it on his harness when we go out on adventures.

Hope this little blurb helps you out when searching for a pet light while in the woods.  Happy camping and be safe!





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