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WordPress and Joomla themes tampered with?

Looks like some themes were tampered with and being re-distributed by Templates Browser which are modified in such a way that it is exploiting the end user by inserting hidden spam or malware links. If you have downloaded any recent theme for your WordPress or Joomla site, I would check the code to see if it’s legit!Bad News

The links are inserted via an additional functions.php file which is included with the theme downloads. If you’re shopping around for public themes, I strongly recommend that you download directly from the original authors website.

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Get a temporary phone number!

We’ve all heard about disposable e-mails, cameras, and contact lenses. But have you heard about the recent service that’s providing disposable phone numbers?

Numbr.com is providing temporary phone numbers, local to many areas, that give you the opportunity to pass out your number for timed events, such as a craigslist listing or any other type of classified ad.
You can set the number to expire in either an hour, a day, a week or a month. They provide the means to manage your number also so you can change the forwarding, email or features that the number comes with. It does provide some nice features including call screening, voicemail (emailed), history and you can even add another call forwarding number incase the first one is unanswered. More of Numbr features.

numbr is an auto-expiring, FREE anonymous phone number that forwards incoming call to
your home or mobile phone. Callers do not see your home or mobile numbers.

They also provide some extra site code for your ad or website.