Google taking extra steps towards privacy!

Google St. Patty’s
I’ve been a big fan of Google for quite some time. Seeing them improving their privacy practices makes me feel a lot better. It’s nice to know that they won’t be holding all that information after a certain amount of time.

Google will continue to keep their server logs, but they are going to remove key data from the logs that will identify individual users making it anonymous after 18-24 months.

Nice to see they are on the right track with this.

Our engineers are already busy working out the technical details, and we hope to implement this new data policy over the coming months (and within a year’s time). We’ll communicate more as we work out these details, but for now, we wanted you to know that we’re working on this additional step to strengthen your privacy.

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Help your parents with easy computing!

Parents need computers too! John over at CrunchGear puts together a great article that explains what he did to help his parents and grandparents get up to date with a Skype account, an iChat/AIM account, a GMail address and more!

This is something I’ve been thinking about for my own mother who hasn’t touched one.. ever!

Read about helping your parents get online today!

Do you Twitter?

I have become a victim of the fad that has hit the net in the form of Twitter.

I find myself becoming strangely amused by this simple service. It’s almost like IM’ing, but not really.. kind of like a mini blog.. but not really. More like a status of what you are up to, so your friends or anyone can see what you’re up to.
There’s extra update options like using your favorite IM client to update your twitter, or using your phone. Also a whole list of other cool twitter related stuff at the Twitter Fan Wiki

If you haven’t yet, I invite you to check it out..

Go check out Twitter